Preseason requirements

Reminder to parents

Students need 3 things at the beginning of the season to participate in sports at Goshen

1. Up to date physical

2. Completed final forms

3. $125 athletic fee paid before the 1st regular season game of the 1st sport of the year

Athletics fees

All athletes are required to pay a fee of $125, due at the beginning of the season of the first sport a student participates in. This fee covers the entire school year. Athletes that participate in multiple sports and seasons will pay no additional fees.

Sports physicals

All athletes are required to have a physical completed before participating in practice for their specific sport.

Download the physicals form below.

Have your medical provider complete this form and turn it in to your coaches.

Be on the lookout for physicals offered at Goshen Local Schools each year!

Physical Form

Physical Form (español)