Classes & Scheduling

Course Registration Book And Scheduling Materials:

It is time for students to begin the process of selecting their classes for next school year (2023-2024).  Please use the timeline below to help support your students during the scheduling process.

  1. High School students will receive scheduling materials on Wednesday, Feb. 22 during Warrior Up.

  2. Students and parents will review all scheduling materials to make course selections Wednesday, Feb. 22 - Monday, March 6.

  3. Teachers will work individually with students to go over course offerings and course recommendations Monday, Feb. 27 - Friday, March 3.  

  4. Students will select their courses for the 2023-2024 school year during the school day beginning on Tuesday, March 7 according to the timeline below:

    1. Freshman course selection day - Tuesday, Feb. 7

    2. Sophomore course selection day - Thursday, Feb. 9

    3. Junior course selection day - Friday, February 10

GHS Career Clusters Cards

These cards represent seven different Career Clusters.  Each Career Cluster examines recommended core and elective courses as well as example careers at three different pathways - College, 2-year College/Career Technical School, and Career/Workforce.  Students should use these cards to help make educated decisions about the classes they select based on their future plans and pathway. View the Cluster Cards.

Advanced Placement Courses

Taking an Advanced Placement (AP) course?  Interested in seeing how many credits you will earn for your AP score at various colleges or universities?  Search colleges on the College Board site and see how many credits they will award based on certain scores.