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Classroom Expectations

For Students, I have the following hints and tips:

  1. Come prepared- 1-inch binder and dividers will be required for this class.
  2. Ask questions- NO question is too small or dumb. My job is to help you formulate questions and then find answers!
  3. Mistakes are OK! We often learn more from making a mistake than when things go right. No one in this classroom is perfect.
  4. Be honest- There is a level of trust in this classroom between you and me. Please come to me if something is on your mind or you have a problem you need help solving.
  5. Science is more than what is in the textbook- come ready to experiment and create. You will find you have art skills beyond what you thought you had! :)
Please contact me via email at ANY TIME to discuss your child's progress in class. I welcome any and all communication between the families of my students. We are all working to achieve the same goal- to educate the students in a meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting way and to prepare them for the world outside of GHS.
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