Coming to Goshen:
I'm excited to be working in the area where I was raised. My parents still live about 10 minutes away and take care of about 30 cows as well as the family construction company. It is great to be a part of a community that is connected to my background and values.  My wife and I live in our home about 30 minutes away.  

At School:
It is an honor to be able to support students as they move towards their next steps in life. I co-teaching and support students in Social Studies classes at the High School as well as coordinate the Work Study Program. I am looking forward to using my experience as a world traveler, teaching general education history, and as an intervention specialist to help student develop their skills and perspectives.

Outside of School:
o Climbing
o Church

International Travel Highlights:
o Mexico, Brazil, Canada, England, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Nepal, India, Thailand, Japan, and Peru.

Athletics/Coaching Highlights:
o Goshen Head Wrestling Coach 2015-2016
o Varsity, Jv, and Freshman Coach Moeller High School 2009-2015
o NCAA Division I Varsity Wrestler at Ohio University and Marquette University
Helpful links-
Drivers license info and help:
Amendment & Principals Quizlet- https://quizlet.com/_2mrqj1
On-line English Language Arts Practice:
Prefix, Suffix, Root- https://quizlet.com/_2t63lp
Math Practice:
Integrated I
Integrated II 
Work Study Program:
Oaks Applicants: complete all 4 assessments (3 WorkKeys & cpu basics) to the best of your ability in order to gain acceptance into your program.
Wrestling Contacts:
JH Remind coming soon
Rockquest Climbing Teams:
Mr. Hill helps with the Rec Club sessions sometimes.