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I'm Mr. Blanton. This will be my fourth year teaching English at Goshen High School. I graduated from Little Miami High School where I lived my entire life and I earned a bachelor's degree from Ohio University. This area of Ohio has always been my home and I am also the third generation of my family to live here. I'm excited about the opportunity to teach in such a wonderful school district. I currently teach English 11 as well as English 12 Honors. I also teach the Media Studies elective courses. 

Recent Posts

Why take ACT Aspire test?

If your child is a freshman or sophomore they will be taking the Aspire test October 12th and 13th. The Aspire test is great practice for them and used as an indicator for their future scores on the ACT. For more information I have attached a PDF with specific details about the test.

Dial Versus Digital by Isaac Asimov

December 10: Students began reading the short story "Dial Versus Digital" by Isaac Asimov. This reading can be found in the text book on page 106.

9th Grade: Assignment Opportunities

Students were given three assignments today that would enforce their understanding of our reading as well as provide them with an opportunity to improve their grade. One of the three assignments is a mandatory signpost on the novel. The other two assignments are optional for students and must be completed by December 12.

Film Studies: Missing Work

As we near the end of the semester I have allowed students the opportunity to complete missing work for partial credit. I gave students a printed progress sheet with grades and I encourage guardians/parents to check your son or daughter's ProgressBook.

Final Opportunities

Students were given the opportunity today to complete work they were missing. Students need to complete their fear essay, missing work, and the final socratic on "Divergent." They will need to turn in their socratic and essay by tomorrow, December 10.