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English II (10th grade) Honors

COURSE OVERVIEW: English 10 Honors is designed to prepare students for tenth grade English and state mandated testing by exploring high school level writing, vocabulary, research, literature, and independent reading. An emphasis will be placed on preparing for the End of Course testing. This course incorporates State of Ohio curriculum. The class is one year long, and a maximum of one English credit may be earned, .5 credit will be earned per semester. Graded work is given back to students in the black trays at the back of the room.
GRADING: Grades are earned by participation, timely completion of work, and accuracy of work. Point values are given for all assignments. For example, if an assignment is given worth ten points, students' papers would read the number of points earned over ten possible. The grade scale is concurrent with the Board of Education adopted scale. Progress book is updated once weekly, at minimum. I do not weight any grades; I simply make assignments worth the point value deemed worthy by the complexity of the task and the amount of time spent on it. If students are caught cheating or plagiarizing on any assignment (tests, class work, projects, or research papers), THE STUDENT WILL BE GIVEN A ZERO! Late work will be accepted only within two weeks of the original due date. 
HOMEWORK: Homework assignments are usually writing prompts which ask for reflection or extension upon a recently read text. Students can always be working ahead on a project due in the future or reading ahead in a text. Homework is assigned about once a week, on average, but as previously stated, students can always be working ahead on reading a text for a project. Work can always be submitted early. Homework is graded in the same mode as all other work, on a point value basis. All class information is located on our Google Classroom page that every student joins.

CONTACT INFO: Email is available at [email protected] My room number is A216. Voice mail is available at 722-2227 x2433.
SUPPLIES: Students need the basic materials for class: paper, pencils, and pens. Projects may require poster board, but plenty of notice will be given. Students may use whatever method of organization works best for them. A binder, folder, or notebook is acceptable to organize papers.

MAKE UP WORK POLICY: For make-up work policy, please see the student handbook.