This is my 19th year of teaching in the Goshen Local School District. This year I am teaching Senior English and Shakespeare classes.

I am a three-time graduate of Wilmington College (the best college ever!) with a bachelor of arts degree in English (1991), a bachelor of arts degree in secondary education (2001), and a master's degree in education with an emphasis in reading (2006). In addition to teaching at Goshen High School, I currently teach Composition courses at UC Clermont and previously taught both Journalism and Advanced Journalism at Wilmington College for five years.

I live in Goshen with my two super-cute dogs, Mr. Bingley (Bingley) and Mr. Willoughby (Willie), both named for characters in Jane Austin novels. Obviously, I enjoy reading! I'm excited to share my love of reading with students and am looking forward to a fun and successful school year.
My little buddies ... Willie and Bingley