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Coaches Certification

In order to become a coach at Goshen Local Schools, these items are required by the state, OHSAA and school board to coach for the Goshen Athletic Department. They must be completed and turned in before beginning coaching duties.
If you think you have a completed PAP (Pupil Activity Permit) please email Scott Wake, Athletic Director or Sandy Hudson – Superintendent admin assistant to verify.  
If you have already taken the NFHS Courses you can verify completion by searching for your completed NFHS courses.
Requirements for PAP coaches:
  1. BCI AND FBI BACKGROUND CHECK - (Required for PAP) BCI/FBI $60 Background checks are done at the Goshen Local Schools Central Office (Bring photo ID). If BCI and FBI check was done previously, please contact Sandy Hudson to verify if a new FBI/BCI will be needed. FBI background checks are good for 5 years.
  1. NFHS FUNDAMENTALS OF COACHING COURSE - (Required for PAP) All applicants are required to take this on-line course as a ONE-TIME fulfillment. Cost is $65.00 and offered on-line at Please print and turn in certificate.
  1. NFHS CONCUSSION COURSE - (Required for PAP) Free on-line at Please print and turn in certificate - renewal required when applying for PAP.
  1. CPR TRAINING - (Required for PAP) A valid CPR certification card must be on file with the athletic office. Most certifications are valid for 2 years.
  1. SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST TRAINING - (Required for PAP) Each year, coaches must review the Ohio Department’s new video and related fact sheet. Coaches, this video and signature form are located in your Final Forms account at
  2. FIRST AID & SAFETY COURSE - (Required for PAP)  This course can be completed online via or through an approved in person course. Periodic in-person training sessions are available through Drayer Physical Therapy during the summer at no charge. There is a fee of $45 for the online course. This certification is valid for 3 years. More information regarding the First Aid & Safety Course is outlined under the Pupil Activity Permit Application section below.


Permit is valid for 3, 4 or 5 years.  Application must be submitted online, which requires a SAFE account.
**BEFORE applying for your PAP**
  1. Make sure your have completed all 6 requirements listed above and turn in those certificates to Scott Wake or Sandy Hudson.
  2. You will need a number to select an e-signer when you apply. You will need to get that number from Scott Wake or Sandy Hudson.
Setting up a SAFE Account
  1. Set up SAFE account Date of Birth, last 4 digits of Social Security #, Ohio Driver’s license or State of Ohio ID number (available from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles).
  2. Once the Ohio Department of Education validates the SAFE account, the user should log in to verify that his or her email address is entered correctly. You may do this by clicking on the “change email” link.
  3. Login to ODE Safe Account
  4. Click ODE.CORE
  5. Click My Educator Profile
  6. Click My Applications
  7. Select Button that says ‘New Credential Application
  8. Choose Permit > Pupil Activity/Coaching Permit
  9. Follow remaining steps to complete application
  10. You are required to pay for your license/permit online using a credit or debit card.
You will need to let Sandy Hudson know that you have completed the appropriate coursework and provide certificates of completion for all courses so that the central office and superintendent can approve your application.