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Agricultural-Industrial-Diesel Mechanics

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating

Animal Science & Management

Automotive Technology

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Biotechnology/Forensics Studies

Banking & Financial Services

Business Management & Administrative Services

Chef Training or Culinary Arts & Hospitality Services

Commercial & Residential Electricity

Computer Assisted Drafting

Computer Service Tech & Networking

Construction Framing & Finishing Technologies

Construction Technologies


Dental Assisting

Digital Arts and Design

Early Childhood Education


Engineering Technologies & Robotics

Equine Science & Management

Firefighting/Emergency Medical Service

Health Technology

Heavy Equipment Operations & Engineering

Horticultural Science Technology

Industrial Diesel Mechanics

Industrial Facilities Technician

Information Support Services

Law Enforcement *

Lodging Mgt. And Hospitality


Medical Office Management

Natural Resources Technology


Pre-Engineering Technologies

Secondary Practical Nursing

Sports Rehabilitation Therapy

Surgical Assisting

Veterinary Assisting




Goshen High School is fortunate to partner with the Great Oaks Vocational District to provide vocational training for all interested students. Detailed information is available on the Great Oaks website here


Accepatnce to programs at the Great Oaks campuses can be competitive. Studetns that have good attendance, GPA, and the correct number of credits earned will receive priority. Students are accepted in phaes as described below:


Vocational Application Process


Phase 1: Acceptance starts February 1

  • students who are in good standing & on track to graduate
  • students who are in good standing and on track to graduate
  • are allowed to apply to a campus of their choice if there are openings in the program
  • students who have all credits (or are able to complete credits during summer school or on-line classes)
  • must complete a “Student’s Plan and Statement of Commitment” and submit with their application
  • summer school/on-line classes must be complete before the start of the school year (for example, a student accepted to Welding for 2015-16 needing 2 credits in summer school, must complete those credits in the summer of 2015 before they start the Great Oaks program)

Phase 2: Acceptance starts March 1

Phase 3: Acceptance starts March 15


Questions can be directed to:


Kelly Royal – Goshen High School Counselor (513) 722-2227 ext. 2008

[email protected]


Sarah Taylor – Live Oaks Career Specialist (513) 612-4914

[email protected]