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Classes & Scheduling

  • For 8th graders, the Parent and Student Information Night for HS Scheduling is Thursday, February 7th from 7-8 pm.  Please plan to attend this presentation to learn about the class scheduling process for the high school.
  • For grades 9-11:
    • Students will receive their scheduling materials on February 13th and will work on completing the scheduling forms during Warrior Up! on Feb 13th and 20th. 
    • Students will complete online scheduling during the school day following the schedule below:
      • Feb 25th - 11th grade online scheduling
      • Feb 26th - 10th grade online scheduling
      • Feb 27th - 9th grade online scheduling
      • Feb 28th - make up online scheduling
    • Students should use the course book below to read information regarding graduation requirements, college credit potential, industry credential opportunities, and a detailed description of each course offered next year.
Download class registration and course offering documents below
Information about Advanced Placement Courses:
Taking an Advanced Placement (AP) course?  Interested in seeing how many credits you will earn for your AP score at various colleges or universities?  Use the link below to search colleges and how many credits they will award based on certain scores!