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Welcome to the Goshen High School Guidance page!  We hope you will find lots of valuable information on this page to help your high school student find success in high school and beyond! If you need to contact us for any reason please see the staff link with email addresses and phone numbers.


Our Guidance Department:


Mrs. Kerri Mantz:  Grades 11 - 12 Guidance Counselor


Mrs. Kelly Royal:  Grades 9 - 10 Guidance Counselor


Mr. Scott Mohler:  College Planning/Financial Aid Advisor


Mrs. Margie Hadley:  Guidance Secretary


Goshen High School uses a transcript request online service called Parchment
Please click the blue box to the right which says "Order Records" with the link to Parchment to place a transcript request.  You will set up an account and can order transcripts and have them sent to your desired location.  This form of transcript request is for all current students as well as Goshen High School alumni.
Please click on the tab to the right to learn more about the Great Oaks campuses, programs offered, and the process for applying for current sophomores.
  • Student should have applications for Great Oaks completed by February 6th as this is when they will begin placing students into labs
  • Open House for Scarlet Oaks and Live Oaks will be on Thursday, February 1st from 5:30-7:00 pm at the respective campuses (see attached flyer)
Current 8th grade students:
  • Parent and Student Information Night regarding scheduling for next year will be on Thursday, February 1st from 7-8 pm at Goshen High School.
    • Scheduling materials will be provided to parents and students at this time
    • Course decisions must be made by February 15th so student can select their courses online
    • Please use the Course Registration Book (see attachment) to read the course descriptions of classes which students may select
  • Online Scheduling will occur during Parent/Teacher Conferences on February 15th from 5:30-7 pm at Goshen High School.
    • Course selections will be entered at this time
    • NO SCHEDULES will be provided at this time.  Draft schedules will be provided to students during the last week of school before summer break.
Current 9th-11th grade students:
  • Scheduling Information will be provided to students during College & Career Readiness day on February 20th.  Counselors will meet with students and provide materials and describe requirements and course information.
  • Students will complete online scheduling February 26th - March 1st
    • students will enter course selections during the school day
    • students MUST have courses selected PRIOR to this date so that courses may be entered
    • please refer to the Course Registration Book (see attachment) for course descriptions and requirements
    • NO SCHEDULES will be provided at this time.  Draft schedules will be provided to students during the last week of school before summer break.
Next ACT Bootcamp dates (each are Saturdays from 10 am - 12 pm):
  • English 1/20
  • Math 1/27
  • Science 2/3
Next ACT test date:
  • Saturday, February 10th
    • Registration deadline is Jan 12
    • Late Registration deadline is Mar 9 (additional fee applies)
Reminders for ACT test day:
  • Arrive no later than 7:55 am
  • Bring a calculator (check approved calculator list to make sure your calculator is allowed), pencils, photo I.D., and ACT ticket
  • Even if you are a Goshen student, you will not be allowed into the test without a photo I.D.
Go to www.actstudent.org to register. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch you can qualify for a fee waiver to cover the cost of the test ($62.50 with writing, $46.00 without). See the guidance office for the waiver.

Are you interested in doing an internship this fall, spring, or next summer?  Goshen High School has teamed up with a wide variety of businesses and organizations in order to allow for our students (juniors and seniors typically) to gain some hands-on experiential learning in a variety of fields including:

Physician​ ​Assistant​ ​(Beacon​ ​Orthopaedics)
Physical​ ​Therapy​ ​(Drayer​ ​Physical​ ​Therapy)
Athletic​ ​Training​ ​(Drayer​ ​Physical​ ​Therapy)
Park​ ​Naturalist​ ​(Clermont​ ​County​ ​Park​ ​District)
Aviation​ ​(U.C.​ ​Clermont/Sporty’s​ ​Pilot​ ​Shop)
Business​ ​(U.C.​ ​Clermont​ ​Dean’s​ ​Office)
Graphic​ ​Design​ ​(U.C.​ ​Cermont)
Interior​ ​Design​ ​(Lopez​ ​Studio​ ​Group)
Architecture​ ​(Lopez​ ​Studio​ ​Group)
Human​ ​Resources​ ​(HR)​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
Information​ ​Technology​ ​(IT)​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
Accounting​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
Petroleum​ ​Engineering/Fuel​ ​Procurement​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions) Petroleum​ ​Transport​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
Marketing​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
o Meteorology
​ ​(National​ ​Weather​ ​Service)
o Web
​ ​Development​ ​(Primax)
o Software
​ ​Engineer​ ​(Siemens)


**If you are interested in a different area than listed above or have a contact for an internship placement please let us know so we can help you arrange your internship!


If you would like to apply for one of these internships, please complete the Internship application and turn it in to the guidance office by the deadline on the application (deadline date depends on whether you are applying for fall, spring, or summer).  The application can be found in the guidance office as well as listed under important forms to the right.

All students are required to completed 12 hours of community service in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Community service forms must be completed (see link to your right) and submitted to your student's class advisor.
Class Advisors:
9th Grade - Mrs. Bryant or Mrs. Grimmett
10th Grade - Mrs. Cook or Mrs. Wilder
11th Grade - Mrs. Huening
12th Grade - Mrs. Mantz or Mrs. Royal
Do you need more information on the current requirements for graduation?  Please check out the slideshow and the flyer attached below with the current graduation requirements and contact your student's guidance counselor with any further questions!