College Information & Financial Aid

Goshen High School students have a wide variety of opportunities to explore colleges and find the right fit for them.

College rep visits to GHS

Most local colleges will send a representative to Goshen High School to meet with interested juniors and seniors during Warrior Up bell. See the guidance office for more information!


In-person college visits

Juniors and Seniors are allowed several days during their last two years to visit colleges. Students must complete a college visit form at least three days in advance and make arrangements with the college. These forms can be obtained from the guidance office.

  • Make yourself known to the admissions staff
  • Spend the night in the dorm if you can
  • Talk to current students
  • Eat a meal in the cafeteria
  • Tour the campus and see all the facilities
  • Sit in on a class if possible
  • Questions to ask:
  1. What are the core requirements?
  2. What percentage of students graduate in four years?
  3. What security measures are in place on campus?
  4. What types of housing are available?
  5. What meal plans are available?
  6. Are there WI-FI connections in the dorms and throughout the campus?
  7. What recreational activities are available on campus?
  8. Are there employment opportunities on campus or close by the campus?
  9. How many students are typically in each class?
  10. Is off-campus housing available?
  11. How do I qualify for financial aid?
  12. What are the scholarship opportunities available?

College reference information

Financial Aid

In order to be eligible for ANY financial aid, all students and parents need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This application, which requires parent and student tax information, is what colleges use to create financial aid packages that will be offered to your student after they have been accepted.
Go to to complete this application. If you need assistance, contact the GHS Guidance Office.
For a rolling list of private scholarships available to GHS students, click "Scholarship Opportunities" at right.

Career Readiness

Information for students interested in a career in nursing:

Nursing Education Series