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Hello & welcome to my page!
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My name is Morgan Bryant. I am an English Teacher at Goshen High School. This school year, I am teaching ELA 2 & Honors ELA 2.
One of my favorite aspects about being a teacher is about spreading positivity. When you walk into my class, we're going to learn— we're also going to enjoy our time together. I personally challenge my teaching practice to make sure that what we learn in my class is relatable, engaging and important. In doing so, I hope my students recognize my efforts to make my class a comfortable place of learning and a continuous place of academic and personal growth, so in the end we can say we weren't just a "class"—we're a community.
Want to see what we're learning in class today? Visit my class website to view our daily agenda! (Link below)
About Me
  • I've been teaching for 4 years
  • Northern Kentucky University is where I attended college for my undergrad
  • I'm currently enrolled in the MAT program with the Ohio Writing Project at Miami University
  • My Family: I live with my husband, daughter, & Bella (our Pit Bull-Lab mix)
  • Before teaching, I was a Barista at Starbucks (Yes, I love my coffee!)
  • My personal hobbies include a little of everything. Reading & writing (I know, I know...stereotypical English teacher), but I also love music! I grew up in a family of musicians. Singing is my first love, color guard/dance is my second, but I also play the ukulele. Over the past few years, I've really gotten into graphic design for fun too!
  • in 2020, I published a YA novel! It's called Impossibly Perfectly Normal. It's one of my proudest accomplishments. You can view it on Amazon here.
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Bill of Rights to your Eduction