Board of Education Regular Meeting- March 7, 2022

The agenda is below and you can watch the board meeting on a Livestream on the following website.
I.     Call to Order
II.    Roll Call
III.   Agenda Approval
IV.   Opening - Moment of Silence                                                            
V.    Pledge: Goshen High School, Stephanie Walker, Principal
VI.  Goshen High School Achievement: Jaela Faulkner, Athena Hubbard, Danica Kollmorgen,
       MaKayla Mackey, Phoebe Maxwell, Adalyn Middick, Lucas Ryan, Taylor Smiley, Brianna 
       Thomas, Carly Treadway. Staff: Jennifer Hansford, Mike Ossenschmidt
VII.  Old Business    
       A. Facilities Work Session - Planning for enrollment growth and future facility needs
VIII. New Business
A. Public Participation
B. Financial
1. Approval of minutes
2. Approval of financial report
3. Approval of payment of bills
4. Approval of amended certificate of estimated resources
5. Approval of appropriations
6. Approval of 5 yr. Forecast
7. Approval of CCESC Contract for Special Education Services for 2022-2023 school year
8. Approval of Acceptance of Rates Resolution
C. Personnel Motions
1. Substitutes
2. Non-Certified Contract
3. Resignations
4. Resolution Hiring Non-Certificated Individual
5. Stipends
6. Volunteer
D. Board of Education Reports (Legislative/Other)
E. Superintendent’s Report
1. Return to Learn Update
2. Goals Update
3. Business Advisory Update
4. Board Retreat: April 9, 8:00am @ GHS
    A. Tentative Board Retreat Agenda
5. Southwest Region Spring Conference: March 8 @ 5:00 pm, Laurel Oaks Campus
6. Other
F. Executive Session