Aug 5, 2020 Return to Learn update

Like so many different things in our world today, things change quickly and we are going to have to be as flexible as possible as we plan for the school year and once the students begin the school year.
Truly on a moment’s notice the conditions in our state, county, or district can change and we will follow the most up to date information on returning to school as we are given. On a day’s notice our back to school plan can change based upon that information.
Open House and the first day of school are examples of this. Every year one of our favorite events is Open House night. The campus is crowded with almost three thousand students and their families. Unfortunately, like everything else to do with school we have to think differently today than we did last year. It is just not possible to bring up to ten thousand people up to campus at the same time. Therefore, this year we will only be doing Open House for students that are new to buildings—preschool, kindergarten, third grade, sixth grade, and ninth grade. It will also be done with limitations on how many people can attend and signups to ensure that there is not too big of a crowd at one time.
Again, this is done to ensure that the ultimate goal of the district and parents—to have students be able to attend school and stay in school—as the paramount goal to the district. The more people that are not our students that are in the mix of who is on campus, the greater the risk is that the virus could be spread. Principals will be communicating details of Open House at a later date.
With the reduced opportunities for Open House, we will also be having a staggered start for students in grades K-5. Students with the last name beginning from A to K will attend August 24th and L-Z will attend August 25th. All K-5 students will attend August 26th. Students in grades 6-12 will start on Monday, August 24.
We appreciate your understanding as we truly are inventing how we do school during this unique time and are building it as we go. This will be a unique year with many things done differently than we did it before. Remember, it is only for a year!