Goshen High School






This Weeks Events


Monday 5-8-17

Var Softball Home vs Eastern HS  5:00pm

Var Track SBAAC League Meet @ Goshen 4:30pm


Tuesday 5-9-17

Varsity Baseball Sectional Tournament @ Norwood 5:00pm - Postponed to Wed 5/10

JV Tennis Home vs New Richmond 4:00pm - Postponed to Wed 5/10

Varsity Tennis Home vs Western Brown 4:00 - Postponed to Wed 5/10 5:30pm


 Wednesday 5-10-17

Var Track SBAAC League Meet @ Goshen 5:00pm

Varsity Baseball Sectional Tournament vs Norwood @ Withrow HS 5:00pm

2488 Madison Rd. Cincinnati

Varsity Boys Tennis @ New Richmond 4:00pm

Varsity Boys Tennis Home vs W. Brown 5:30pm

JV Boys Tennis Home vs Wilmington 4:00pm


   Thursday 5-11-17

Varsity Softball Sectional Tournament @ Wilmington 5:00pm

Varsity Baseball Sectional Tournament @ New Richmond 5:00pm

JV Boys Tennis Home vs Madeira 4:00pm



 Friday 5-12-17

Varsity Boys Tennis - Sectional Tournament @ Lindner Center 9:00am


Saturday 5-13-17

JV Boys Tenis @ Cin. Coaches Classic (Northwest & Colerain HS) 9:00am 

Athletes of the Week

Dilan Velagic

Tennis Doubles

Dylan's team defeated Bethel-Tate and an undefeated Felicity team.



Jake Haas

Tennis Doubles

Jake's team defeated Bethel-Tate and an undefeated Felicity team.





Varsity Football - $6 for adult and students
Varsity Soccer - $6 for adult, $4 for students
Varsity Volleyball - $6 for adult, $4 for students
Varsity Basketball - $6 for adult, $4 for students
Varsity Wrestling - $6 for adult, $4 for students
Varsity Track - $6 for adult, $4 for students
Reserve and Freshman football - $4 for adult and student.


$50 per individual
$200 for Family of six, $25 per each additional person (same family and household only).


Goshen residents over 62 can stop by the Main office of the High School and pick up an athletic pass good for all regular season home games at the high school and middle school.  Please bring a current drivers' license. Seniors over 62 with no pass will be charged a student rate.
Have pictures of the athletes? If you would like to see them placed on the webpage  email them to deatherages@goshenlocalschools.org




* Did you know the infamous bank robber John Dillinger –was a skilled ballplayer. Young John Dillinger was an avid fan of baseball. Due to his speed he became known as the “Jackrabbit”. Dillinger was a pay to play shortstop for the Martinsville Athletics. When the money started drying up. He used his connection to a League umpire, previously a low-life criminal, who set him up with his first armed robbery.

* 1930 Babe Ruth (one of the greatest baseball players of all time) earned a hefty salary (for the time) of $80,000 a year. 2017 top payed player Clayton Kershaw makes an astonishing $35,571,428 a year.



*The original bat was a broom handle.

*The original softball was a rolled up boxing glove.



*Approximately 24 tons of strawberries are ordered for Wimbledon every year!

* Tennis helps promote coordination.


Track and Field

*The oldest person to complete a marathon was 100 years old at the time. This marathoner didn’t start racing until he was 89 years of age.

*Over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold each year worldwide.