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Welcome to the Goshen High School Guidance page!  We hope you will find lots of valuable information on this page to help your high school student find success in high school and beyond! If you need to contact us for any reason please see the staff link with email addresses and phone numbers.


Our Guidance Department:


Mrs. Kerri Mantz:  Grades 11 - 12 Guidance Counselor


Mrs. Kelly Royal:  Grades 9 - 10 Guidance Counselor


Mr. Scott Mohler:  College Planning/Financial Aid Advisor


Mrs. Margie Hadley:  Guidance Secretary


Goshen High School will hold its annual Financial Aid Meeting on October 10 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the high school community room. There will be a representative from Clermont College there to explain the financial aid process and answer questions.
Are you interested in doing an internship this fall, spring, or next summer?  Goshen High School has teamed up with a wide variety of businesses and organizations in order to allow for our students (juniors and seniors typically) to gain some hands-on experiential learning in a variety of fields including:

o Physician​ ​Assistant​ ​(Beacon​ ​Orthopaedics)
o Physical​ ​Therapy​ ​(Drayer​ ​Physical​ ​Therapy)
o Athletic​ ​Training​ ​(Drayer​ ​Physical​ ​Therapy)
o Park​ ​Naturalist​ ​(Clermont​ ​County​ ​Park​ ​District)
o Aviation​ ​(U.C.​ ​Clermont/Sporty’s​ ​Pilot​ ​Shop)
o Business​ ​(U.C.​ ​Clermont​ ​Dean’s​ ​Office)
o Graphic​ ​Design​ ​(U.C.​ ​Cermont)
o Interior​ ​Design​ ​(Lopez​ ​Studio​ ​Group)
o Architecture​ ​(Lopez​ ​Studio​ ​Group)
o Human​ ​Resources​ ​(HR)​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
o Information​ ​Technology​ ​(IT)​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
o Accounting​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
o Petroleum​ ​Engineering/Fuel​ ​Procurement​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions) o Petroleum​ ​Transport​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
o Marketing​ ​(Lykins​ ​Energy​ ​Solutions)
o Meteorology
​ ​(National​ ​Weather​ ​Service)
o Web
​ ​Development​ ​(Primax)
o Software
​ ​Engineer​ ​(Siemens)


If you would like to apply for one of these internships, please complete the Internship application and turn it in to the guidance office by the deadline on the application (deadline date depends on whether you are applying for fall, spring, or summer).  The application can be found in the guidance office as well as listed under important forms to the right.

All schedule changes occur between days 5 - 10 of each semester.  Schedule change requests will start again after the 5th day of 2nd semester.  There will a schedule change form in guidance once we return from winter break.
Next ACT Bootcamp dates:
  • English 10/7 from 10-12
  • Math 10/14 from 10-12
  • Science 10/21 from 10-12
    • Sign ups in the main office for each date
Next ACT test date:
  • Saturday, October 28th
    • Registration deadline is Sept 22nd
    • Late Registration deadline is Oct 6th (additional fee applies)
Reminders for ACT test day:
  • Arrive no later than 7:55 am
  • Bring a calculator (check approved calculator list to make sure your calculator is allowed), pencils, photo I.D., and ACT ticket
  • Even if you are a Goshen student, you will not be allowed into the test without a photo I.D.
Go to www.actstudent.org to register. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch you can qualify for a fee waiver to cover the cost of the test ($62.50 with writing, $46.00 without). See the guidance office for the waiver.


If you are in need of a transcript (either for personal use or an official copy for colleges) please complete a Transcript Request Form (found in the guidance office or with the link to your right) and submit it to Mrs. Hadley in the guidance office.  Do not wait until the last minute to request transcripts as the processing and mailing time usually takes 1-2 weeks!

All students are required to completed 12 hours of community service in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Community service forms must be completed (see link to your right) and submitted to your student's class advisor.
Class Advisors:
9th Grade - Mrs. Bryant or Mrs. Grimmett
10th Grade - Mrs. Cook or Mrs. Wilder
11th Grade - Mrs. Huening
12th Grade - Mrs. Mantz or Mrs. Royal
Please check out the slideshow below from Freshman Orientation night and contact Mrs. Royal with any questions!