Goshen High School

Anonymous PreventionFIRST! student drug use survey given on October 13th

As we continue our drug prevention efforts at Goshen High School, we ask for your support as we administer the PreventionFIRST! student drug use survey. This is an anonymous student survey about alcohol use, drug use, and other health behaviors. The survey information will assist us in assessing our successes or failures in educating students of the health and safety value of not using alcohol and drugs.

           The PreventionFIRST! student drug use survey is a thoroughly researched group of questions that can give us valuable insight into many positive and negative student behaviors. The survey is an anonymous survey and students are not required to participate, it is voluntary on the part of each student.

If you prefer that your child not participate please inform our office, in writing, before October 12, 2017 as the survey will be administered on October 13, 2017,

A copy of the survey is available in the principal’s office if you would like to review its content. A summary of the information gathered will be available to parents when results are obtained.

             Thank you for supporting our efforts to help students understand that alcohol and drug use can be harmful to their health and safety.